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RebalanceWellness Programme  


Start to heal 

Join us for a week of healing, relaxation and personalised nutrition to kickstart your health journey.


This programme is suitable for anyone suffering from stress, hormonal imbalances, allergies, anxiety or depression, chronic pain, IBS or digestive issues.

Once you decide to join our programme, we will establish contact and spend time with you to better understand your condition and what we need to treat. 

Your programme will be then personalised to suit your individual physical, emotional and spiritual needs.


What is included  

  • Accommodation

  • A comprehensive TCM diagnosis

  • Daily acupuncture sessions

  • A personalised Chinese herbal medicine prescription

  • Detox/bespoke nutritional programme

  • Healthy living workshops 

  • Daily yoga/meditation

  • A medical consultation

  • Body composition analysis

  • Individual dietary advice and recommendations 

  • Nutrition and diet workshops 

  • Daily oxygen therapy

  • Daily colon cleansing

  • Light therapy (biophoton)

  • Vibration therapy (turbosonic)

  • Fitness classes and use of the swimming pool

  • Infrared sauna

  • Steam room


We want our support to continue beyond this week, so that what you have learned with us becomes a habit. The retreat package includes the 30 days 'Get Thriving' virtual programme once you return home. 

For the following month, you will be provided with:

  • You personalised Healthy Herbs prescription for 30 days

  • Weekly calls to track your progress and inspire and motivate you on your path to change

  • A final follow-up call at the end of the month

Woman at the Beach


I joined Eca's program last year for a week, and it has been a life changing experience. I felt healthier, happier, and more centred than I ever felt. Her treatments and guidance was so valuable during this transformative week. I left feeling I was floating on air. I am already planning my next trip back.

Natalia, G

Book Now

Drop us a line and we will answer all your questions and put you in contact with the right person at LifeCo to make your reservation.

You can also contact them directly on +90 (533) 2256550

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