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Mind-Body Medicine 

Acupuncture for
Fertility - Pregnancy -Birth - Menopause 

Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Acupuncture Treatments

I offer the following acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatments in my clinic in London. Home visits are also available.

Acupuncture for fertility

Fertility & IVF Support 

Just thinking of having a baby or trying for a while? Whatever stage you are at we are here to help.

Acupuncture for pregnancy

Pregnancy Support 

Natural, gentle care during pregnancy can address imbalances and prepare you for an easy birth.

Doula services London

Birth & Doula Support

We will support, care and nurture you through labour, birth and postpartum.

Acupuncture for menopause london


Struggling with perimenopause or menopause symptoms? We are here to help

Free 30 min virtual consultation 

Are you thinking of having a baby? Have you been trying for a while? Are you considering IVF treatment?
Wherever you are on your fertility journey I can help. 
Newborn Baby

Meet Eca Brady

'"If you are coping with physical or emotional illness, infertility, menopause, or just want to learn how to maintain your health, I am here to offer professional and compassionate guidance on your healing journey."

Harley Street, London, UK



Lets start with a chat and see how best we can help you.

30 min virtual consultation.


Weekly retreats

Lets tackle your problems head on.

Spend a week with us in a heavenly corner of Earth, relax and lets make you better​.

Join us at LifeCo Bodrum 



Read about our pacients experiences.

Here to heal

At Healthy Herbs we bridge the ancient knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the latest research in modern Western medicine, devising a personalised health programme that will restore and maintain your physical, mental and emotional health.

We offer an integrative approach that goes beyond simply relieving your symptoms and addresses the deeper causes of your imbalance. 

The fertility treatments will tailer a personalised program of acupuncture, herbal medicine, lifestyle and nutrition to help you conceive naturally, or best prepare you for IVF.   

Happy Woman


'My hot flushes, insomnia and depression went away after only three treatments with Eca. I can't recommend her enough'

Hanna S