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We are all about... 

bringing Traditional Chinese Medicine into a contemporary, modern setting making it easier to understand and follow. 


We believe that your holistic approach to health should be as effective as it is accessible.

Meet Eca Brady

An expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Eca is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist and has been practising for more than14 years. 


Her use of acupuncture, in conjunction with herbal therapy, cupping, massage, nutritional medicine and lifestyle advice has made her one of the leading acupuncturists in London, successfully treating female patients with a wide range of health issues.


Eca's TCM treatments  have  gained a following among numerous professional athletes, models and celebrities due to her integrated approach, tailoring her treatments towards the specific needs of each patient.

Heal the body, Balance the mind

Eca has a Bachelor of Business Administration and a bachelor's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the prestigious Kingston University in the UK. After graduating from CICM, Eca completed her postgraduate diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine with Middlesex University in the UK.


Eca founded Healthy Herbs with the desire to bridge the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the latest research in western medicine in order to create and provide the best health plan for you. 


Her acupuncture clinic operates from Harley Street, London, and she offers week-long healing retreat programmes in Europe and Asia.

She runs personalised online programmes with patients from around the world. 

Eca is also the founder of the Healthy Herbs Charity Clinic.


'My passion is to combine the gentle healing methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western medical research to bring health, vitality and balance to my patients.'

Eca Brady


·  Li Ac BSc, BA, MBAcC, Traditional Chinese Medicine Kingston University

·  Post Graduate Chinese Herbal Medicine Middlesex University

·  Gynaecology and Obstetrics in Traditional Chinese Medicine Diploma from One Step Medicine Dr Trevor Wing

·  Clinical Observation and Mentoring in Gynaecology  with Dr Trevor Wing

·  Clinical Observations and Mentoring with Professor Song Ke Academy Principal at Asanta

·  Tongue diagnostic Barbara Kirschbaum

·  BirthBliss Academy Doula Training

·  Clinical Mentoring and Doula training with  Zara De Candole Doulabud

·  Gynaecology and Obstetrics CPD with Collage of Integrated Chinese Medicine

·  Gynaecology and Obstetrics in Pregnancy and Birth with Debora Betts

Happy Woman


'My hot flushes, insomnia and depression went away after only three treatments with Eca. I can't recommend her enough'

Hanna S

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