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Patient's Stories 

Pregnant woman in dress

Here to heal


'We tried for two years to have a baby. Three failed attempts at IVF and several other fertility treatments didn't bring us any closer to our hope of having a family. We did acupuncture for fertility in London with Eca for a year, and now we have a beautiful baby boy. For us it was a long journey, but we are so grateful for Eca's knowledgable and  gentle approach. It is thanks to her that our family is complete.’ 

Anna & Alex


'Eca's acupuncture for fertility treatment helped us get pregnancy and we are so grateful

Julia & Scott


'Once we had agreed to try for a baby my husband and I came to Eca. Fast forward one year and we are expecting a baby girl in September. It is so important to invest in your health before you embark on the wonderful journey of becoming a parent. We recommended Eca to all of our friends who are thinking of having babies.'

Chris & Ania



"Eca's treatments during the IVF were so helpful. She guided me through this difficult time and I will be forever grateful"



'As a pregnant diabetic women I frequently had doctors and nurses remind me that I was high risk. I struggled with continues episodes of hypoglycaemia due to what I called a cookie cutter medical approach on top of mounds of stress related to work and home. But despite all the madness Eca provided care and attention beyond my expectations'

Quiana L

Preparing for pregnancy


'I was hoping to get my anxiety under control before hopefully getting pregnant in the coming year. Eca helped me prepare my body and mind to be in the healthiest state possible for conception. In addition to being an extremely talented physician, Eca is warm, genuine and compassionate person that I feel very lucky to have found'


'Preparing our bodies for pregnancy is such an important aspect of not only our health but also our future baby. The healthier we are at the moment of conception the healthier our baby will be. Chinese believe that JING (Essence)  from the mother and father is passed through to the baby at the moment of conception. This JING will ensure the health, the growth and the longevity of you future baby. 

We spend months planning a wedding, looking at every detail of the menu, choosing the dress, creating the perfect invitations. But once the party is over.... we just expect to get pregnant. 

Let's change that. Let's put as much thought in preparing ourselves for what will be the best journey of our life'

Eca Brady 


'My hot flushes, insomnia and depression went away after only three treatments with Eca. I can't recommend her enough'

Hanna S


'The biggest change for me when I entered the perimenopause period was my emotional state. I was constantly angry and depressed. I didn't want to do anything, but spend my days and nights under the covers. Eca's acupuncture for menopause treatments help me feel like my old self again'


Sand Dunes


'Feeling like my old self again. Thank you Eca'


Sandy Beach


'My job is very stressful as I run an investment bank with offices around the word, it involves a lot of travel and late nights in the office. Having regular treatments with Eca helps me maintain my balance'

Brian G


'Just wanted to say thank your everything you have done for me. You brought such fundamental difference to my life .’

Anita P

'Physical pain can sometimes be caused by emotional trauma experienced early in life. Acupuncture care releases that stagnant emotion and relieves you from the pain. My treatment always aims to address the source of the imbalance '

Eca Brady

Anxiety and Depression 

'I knew little about acupuncture when I started, but I was in such a dark place that I was willing to try anything. Eca was caring and understanding. It was somehow so easy to open up and talk to her about my deepest struggles. Her treatments have changed my life. I am in a stable, healthy place and she taught me how to look after myself .’

John D

Pain & Grief

'A few years back I lost my father in a car accident. I struggled emotionally and had this physical pain in my body. I tried everything  – massages, a chiropractor, physiotherapy, but nothing helped. During her programme, Eca explained to me the connection between the grief and the physical pain, and after only two treatments my pain completely disappeared; I feel so light, as if a big burden has been lifted off my shoulders. '

Maria S

Pain & Emotional Trauma

I am writing these words as a sign of gratitude as I would like to share this wonderful experience I had with Eca, who is not only a professional physician, but an extraordinary human being. 

Unfortunately, I was destined to have traumatic experiences in my youth, which is why my physical and mental health deteriorated and pain invaded my life robbing me from any pleasures. In the last 24 years I have gotten to the point where it was difficult for me to have a normal life, spending days in agony.

With the help of this extraordinary woman, and skilled physician, I managed to get rid of the torment and pain, work through my emotional trauma and look at life through different eyes. I would piece and purpose 

I wore this with an open heart, and I deliberately chose not to be modest in my remarks as my recovery was somehow, from my point of view miraculous. 

Ionela T


'Thank you Eca for helping me through the darkest period of my life' 

Suni R

Plant with fuzzy leaves


'I struggled with IBS for years. Eca's treatments and guidance has made such a big difference in my life. I am now symptom free'




'I suffered from IBS for many years and tried countless treatments and medication. Eca's programme gave me my health back. The tea cocktails were not the tastiest of drinks but they really helped heal my gut. She also helped me understand how to take care of myself so that the symptoms would not come back. ‘

Ian M

Bell's Palsy

"After a very stressful divorce I found myself drained emotionally and physically. It was then that I had Bells Palsy. Eca's support and treatments sped up my recovery. My face was back to normal after only a few weeks. I continued the treatment as it literally put me back on my feet. Thank you Eca"



"I tried everything for my migraines. Eca's treatments gave my life back'


LifeCo Program

'I joined Eca's programme not knowing what to expect. I was so impressed with her knowledge and her ability to go straight to the core. I enjoyed her talks, it helped me understand how to change my lifestyle to benefit my health. I went back home  feeling stronger and healthier.   

Alex H

Woman meditating on beach

LifeCo Program

'Eca's program was fun and informative. By the end of the week I felt recharged and stronger then I felt in years. I am planning on coming back next year'


LifeCo Program

'My health improved tenfold after the week spent with Eca at LifeCo. I will definitely be back next year'


LifeCo Program

Having Eca with me every step of the way during this experience was a Godsend. Thank you 

Ozgur Yeshim

'The ability of the body to heal, regenerate and rebalance when we are fasting for a longer period under medical supervision is increased exponentially if we address in the same time our health problems. This is what we had in mind when we created this program in collaboration with LifeCo'
Eca Brady 

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