What is your body type?

The constitution of each person is influenced by congenital and acquired factors, and this varies from person to person. In the other words, the body's metabolism, functioning of organs and organ structure all combine to determine our susceptibility to pathogenic factors. In TCM, there are five different types of physical types: neutral, yin and cold, yang and hot, phlegm and dampness, and dry.

What type best describes your body?

Yang and hot type

Do you have have a sturdy body. Often feel hot, experience dryness of the mouth, prefer cold drinks when thirsty, have a reddish complexion, easily annoyed and tend to suffer from insomnia. Do you discharge scanty urine of a dark color, and have hard stools. Upon examination of your tongue doe it appears red with a yellowish coating, or may have no coating at all and are you very sensitive to high temperatures?

Yin and cold type

Do have a frail body and usually feel cold, have an aversion to wind, and have cold limbs? Do you prefer hot or warm food and drinks, are reluctant to speak, get easily tired and have a pale or whitish complexion? Do you usually discharge clear urine frequently, stools are soft, and tend to suffer from diarrhea easily. Upon examination of the tongue, does it appears pink and bulky with a whitish coating and are you very sensitive to cold temperatures?

Phlegm and damp type

Are you attracted to sweet foods? Experience heaviness in the body, dizziness, and tire easily. Do you look and feel fatigued and sleepy in day time, and snore easily during sleep, or been told you have a low metabolic rate? Do you tend to become overweight or bloated due to retention of water? Look fat but feel drained of energy. Does your tongue look moist and bulky, and is it covered with a greasy coating and are you very sensitive to damp weather?

Dry type

Feel thirsty easily and experience dryness in the eyes, throat, lips and skin. When the common flu is around, do you have a cough without mucus. Are you considered skinny and do not put on weight easily or often complain of itchy skin, nose or eyes, and constipation? Are you very sensitive to low levels of humidity.

Neutral type

Or do you not have any of the above complaints. Generally told you look healthy with normal skin colour, have a proper appetite and sleep, and do not feel hot or cold easily. Is your urine and stools normal and your tongue normal upon examination?

It should be emphasized that in reality, people usually have a mixed physical body type, for example, cold and dry, damp and hot, or cold and deficient. Therefore, more than one body type may be possible. When planning a balanced diet, it is necessary to mix different flavors and energies according to the individual's needs. Embracing Chinese dietary advice is a process to shift to a more balanced diet. It does not mean you should restrict your diet; you may give up some foods but you will find a whole variety of foods you may have never tried before.

Your body type and other Traditional Chinese practices all form part of TCM, each adding a little to the history and methodology of Acupuncture and Herbs.

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