What does tonification treat?

Under functioning of the body's structure, organs, or entirety is an important feature of disease development. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) regards these pathological states as a deficiency of vital energy (qi) or asthenia syndrome. This deficiency can result from congenital and acquired factors; congenital factors indicate abnormal conditions present at birth, while acquired factors indicate things like improper diet, emotional disturbance, indulgence, chronic and major illness, childbirth, environmental influences, and aging.

A busy herbal pharmacy in one of Beijing's TCM hosptials showing different herbs used in tonic preparations.Tonification is a therapeutic treatment that nourishes and replenishes the qi, blood, yin and yang of the human body when they are deficient or weak. It is applicable to one or several of the organs, or one of the qi, blood, yin and yang, or the weakness of all of them as a whole. This is a method, unique to TCM, to sustain and restore the harmony of the body. Although Chinese medicine has a rich philosophical and theoretical background, it has also spawned many practical treatments that can relieve human suffering from a minor irritation to a potentially life-threatening situation. Methods of tonification may include the use of diet, herbal preparations, acupuncture, massage and sexual activities.

What does tonification treat?

Tonification is mainly used to treat a particular deficiency in the body. Symptoms of an asthenia syndrome vary according to the cause, degree of deficiency, and organs involved. It is important to first address the underlying deficiency before applying the appropriate tonification method in order to obtain the maximum benefit for the patient.

These and other Traditional Chinese practices all form part of TCM, each adding a little to the history and methodology of Acupuncture and Herbs.

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