Traditional Chinese Medicine Services in Health Care in China

In China Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have been practised alongside each other ever since Western medicine was first introduced in the nineteenth century, during the Qing Dynasty.

China is one of the most advanced countries in integrating traditional medicine within the health care delivery system. TCM has its own unique and sophisticated body of theory, developed from an empirical basis in over 2,000 years of clinical experience, and documented in a set of classical texts that constitute the milestones in the development of TCM.

TCM encompasses a number of clinical practices, including acupuncture, tuina therapy and herbal medicines. China also boasts 35 recognized categories of Ethnic Minority Medicines, including Tibetan medicine, Mongolia medicine and Uygur medicine.

TCM used to be provided essentially as ambulatory care until the 1950s. From that time onwards, hospitals also started to provide this form of care. In the same period TCM academic training in universities was formalized and started to replace the traditional apprentice-master training model.

As of 1982 the Constitution gives equal weight to the development of both traditional and Western medicine as key components of the national health policy. This is reflected in the major regulatory frameworks, including the Doctors Law, the Pharmaceutical Law and the legislation relating to medical service institutions.

Independent regulatory mechanisms for TCM have been established. Every five years a national TCM plan, synchronized with the social and economical development plan, and integrated in the national health policy, provides guidance on strategies and approaches to develop TCM.

The classical TCM literature is being digitized while a database for TCM information is being set up and methods and approaches for the protection of TCM intellectual property rights are being explored.

These and other Traditional Chinese practices all form part of TCM, each adding a little to the history and methodology of Acupuncture and Herbs and their ability to help.

Eca Brady is a fully licensed physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine BSc(Ac) MBAcC, focusing on Female Infertility with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs from Harley Street, London.

Make an appointment for an acupuncture or Herbs treatment and we can discuss how we can help you, to read more about Eca click here or to read more about TCM and increasing your chances fertility click here.

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