The Secret Fruit for the Kidneys and Spleen

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

During the Ming Dynasty, Li Shizhen wrote in the Bencao Gangmu:"Poguzhi (Fructus Psoralea) belongs to fire, it can gather together the spirit (shen) by allowing the fire of the vital gate (healthy fire inside the kidneys) to communicate smoothly without obstruction with the fire of the pericardium (healthy fire inside the heart). This results in the primordial yang being held firm and solid and keeps the bone marrow (supplemented by kidney essence) full and rich."

The Bencao Congxin (New Compilation of Materia Medica) describes Fructus Psoraleae as having pungent and bitter tastes with highly warm properties which enter the pericardium and vital gate (kidney) meridians. It invigorates the prime-minister fire (healthy fire inside the kidneys) and connects with the monarch fire (healthy fire inside the heart). It warms dan tian, strengthens primordial yang and reduces excessive urination.

Historically, Fructus Psoraleaehas been used to treat gasping and coughing caused by deficiency type cold, soreness and pain in the lower back and knee joints, disorders of seminal discharge or diarrhea caused by a deficiency of kidney fire (kidney yang) and for qi disorders in women.

Fructus Psoraleae invigorates the kidneys and strengthens yang, consolidates essence (jing) and reduces excessive urination, warms the spleen and relieves diarrhea, supports the grasping of qi and relieves deficiency type gasping.

1.Treatment of cold pain symptoms in the lower back and knees, impotence, urinary frequency caused by kidney yang deficiency or deficiency of fire in the vital gate (healthy fire inside the kidneys).

2.Treatment of diarrhea caused by spleen and kidney yang deficiency: Fructus Psoraleae can invigorate kidney yang to warm the spleen thereby relieving diarrhea. Although the kidneys belong to the water element, kidney yang is regarded as the healthy fire inside the water and belongs to the fire element. Healthy fire is essential in keeping the water warm without it getting too cold. Harmony between water and fire is an important concept for kidney health. The fire element can produce earth according to the five elements theory. Therefore, the spleen being an earth organ is supported by kidney yang and in turn relieves diarrhea.

3.Treatment of deficiency type gasp caused by a kidney deficiency. One of the functions of the kidneys is to grasp qi. The kidneys enable the "natural air qi" of the lungs to penetrate deeply during the inhalation process. If kidney yang is deficient, the resulting inability of the kidneys to grasp qi may lead to shallow breathing and in turn give rise to gasping.

4.Treatment of vitiligo.

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