The magical path that connects your small toe to your Kidney

Picture a road map: a profusion of points woven into a web by lines of travel. Now imagine this system 3-D in your body: a vast network of invisible energy pathways connecting to each other and to every atom, cell, tendon, bone, organ, each centimeter of skin—everything in your body! They link the upper portion with the lower and the surface with the interior, so that nothing is truly separate.

Now add other dimensions to this 3-D interconnected body “map”: your mind, your emotions, and spirit—everything conscious and unconscious within you. These amazing pathways are the meridians, and they form your body and all invisible aspects of your being into an intercommunicating whole.

Meridian Pathways

There are twelve major meridians that run on each side of the body, one side mirroring the other. Each meridian corresponds to an internal organ. And each organ, with its own physiological and invisible energy functions, is not only dependent on the other organ systems but also on the greater meridian network.

The Kidney Meridian

The Kidney Meridian starts from the inferior side of the small toe. Crossing the middle of the sole and the arch of the foot, it circles behind the inner ankle and travels along the innermost side of the lower leg and thigh, until it enters the body near the base of the backbone. After connecting with the Kidney, it comes out at the pubic bone. Over the abdomen, it runs externally upwards until it reaches the upper part of the chest (the inner side of clavicle). A second branch emerges from the kidney and moves internally upwards and passes through the liver, diaphragm, lungs and throat, finally terminating at the root of the tongue. Another small branch divides from the lung to connect with the heart and the pericardium.


Disharmony of Kidney Meridian can manifest as wheezing or coughing because the kidneys "grasp the qi". They also are the "mansion of fire and water," and the "residence of yin and yang". If there is insufficient nourishment and warming of the kidney, symptoms like edema (swelling), constipation, and diarrhea can indicate an imbalance in this meridian. Pain in the groin and pharynx (throat), which are located along the meridian's pathway, also can indicate a problem with the Kidney Meridian. Main indications:

Acupuncture points in this meridian are used for gynecological, genital, kidney, lung, and pharynx (throat) diseases. They are also indicated for symptoms associated with the pathway of the meridian.

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