Orange Peel and its health benefits

If you are looking for a last minute centrepiece for the Christmas table, why not use dried orange peel (Chen Pi), not only will it add something unique to the setting, but the health benefits may long outweigh the setting.

Long used as a stable of Chinese Herbal Medicine Chen Pi has many health benefits, primarily in its aid of the digestive and respiratory systems. In Chinese Medicine we talk about the stagnation of the free flow of energy (qi) in the digestive system. This results in symptoms including nausea, vomiting, abdominal fullness, distension and even pain. In some cases, there is also poor appetite, indigestion, and a feeling of oppression in the chest. Chen Pi helps to relieve these symptoms by regulating and improving the digestive system.

Chen Pi can be made into a simple tea or mixed with other herbs to help with other symptoms, this is in addition to being a very aromatic and pleasant-smelling herb that can be used on the dinning table.

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