Once in a Blue Moon......

Have you ever told that you could do something “once in a blue moon”, well tonights your chance….

The moon has long been a source of great mystery to the Chinese, ever since they first looked up into the night Sky. Ancient cultrues learned to utilise the Moon and her monthly phases for very practical puroposes, not least of which was a method of keeping time. 

Tonight in Europe marks the arrival of its first "blue moon” in recent years, a blue moon is the name given to the second full moon in a single calender month. 

Despite the name, the moon isn't going to appear blue tonight. If anything, it will have a slightly reddish tinge. That's because as well as being a blue moon, we'll also be witnessing a lunar eclipse.

Some call it a "blood moon" and it's when the reflection of sunlight on the Earth's atmosphere hits the lunar surface, A blood moon acquires a golden, copper, or even rusty-red color depending on where the sun is, and it's usually low in the sky or near the horizon. 

Tonight's moon will also be, by definition, a Supermoon as the moon's orbit will take it closer to the Earth than normal. 

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