Is Blood in your Seman a sign of male Infertility?

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

Blood in the semen is often a benign condition and may not be a sign of male Infertility, and will probably disappear on its own, particular in men under 40 years old. When the semen fluid looks pink, red, or brown color or has blood clots, it may indicate that the male genital tract has inflammation, infection, blockage or injury. Blood in the semen is a symptom, which can be due to many conditions affecting the male genitourinary system.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), semen is regarded as a kind of body essence, the place that transforms, stores and excretes seminal fluid is called essence chamber. It is claimed that the kidneys and liver play important roles in controlling the functions of the male external genitalia.

As kidneys store essence, dominate reproduction and control the anterior and posterior orifices (urethra and anus); the liver Meridian circulates around the external genitalia and controls their actions. Blood in the semen is closely related to the conditions of the kidneys and liver.

The problem is commonly seen in young and middle-aged men, individuals may also present with pain in external genitalia, pain with ejaculation or a reduced amount of seminal fluid.

Factors contributing to bleeding in the essence chamber include overindulgence in sex, physical strain, unhealthy eating habits, injuries or infections, which damage the essence chamber directly or weaken the internal organs in controlling over the essence chamber, resulting in blood leaking out and mixing with the semen.

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Extracts from original article by ShenNong.


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