Invasion and Defence

We are exposed to viruses and bacteria all the time. Normally the presence of these pathogens poses little challenge to the health of a person and illness does not follow. When the conditions of the time makes a person vulnerable, or when the pathogen is particularly strong, a fight begins between the pathogen and the person's immune system.

In Chinese Medicine we make a distinction between the adverse clients within the body and those which occur as a reaction to external events such as invasions of a virus.

An external condition is where the progression of the illness has not penetrated beyond the outer layers of the system. The invading pathogen is being engaged by the immune system at a superficial level, the internal organ is not affected.

In an external invasion of a pathogen the Lungs with be the first organ to be disrupted giving signs to typical symptoms like runny nose and sneezing.

In order to help the immune system to fight these pathogen is recommended to use pungent flavours like ginger or elderflower teas as a first line of defence.

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