How TCM can help with Endometriosis, which is the leading cause of female infertility.

A recent study showed that among women in their twenties, endometriosis is the leading cause of female infertility after fibroid tumors. It is estimated that endometriosis also affects 15% of all women of reproductive age.

Endometriosis can be associated with backache, painful defecation and/or rectal bleeding, premenstrual spotting, sciatica, urinary frequency and pain, vomiting, abdominal pain and swelling. Any single endometriosis symptom is troubling, but in combination can be excruciating. Untreated, endometriosis can become the cause of female infertility. Although traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has no disease category endometriosis , it does recognize, categorize, and treat effectively each endometriosis symptom and sign.

Menstruation should be painless and accompanied by minimal pre and postmenstrual signs and symptoms. We know the menstruate should be of sufficient volume, a rich, fresh color, and free from clots. The absence of these factors is an endometriosis symptom.

If there is free flow, there is no pain: if there is pain, there is no free flow. In Chinese medicine, the uterus and the liver are closely related. The liver maintains patency or free flow of the qi or vital energy of the body. The liver, spleen and kidney channels run through the pelvis and all can effect menstruation . If any of these channels is blocked, congested or deficient, this will usually manifest in women as some sort of menstrual problem.

Qi moves the blood. The qi can become sluggish or stuck due to emotional stuckness or stress. It is the liver's job to maintain the free flow of qi , stagnant qi is associated with liver depression. The liver is so intimately associated with the menstrual cycle, liver depression and stagnant qi in women almost always manifests as some menstrual-related problem. Stagnant qi manifests as pain and distention and is dull, crampy or colicky. Static blood may be caused by either long-term qi stagnation or by traumatic injury, including surgery. Its characteristic is localized, fixed, sharp, stabbing or lancinating pain. Blood clots are common when one's qi is stagnant.

The most common cause of qi stagnation is stress, and usually results in liver depression. This can also become the cause of female infertility . Stagnant qi causes pain, urinary problems, lower abdominal pain and distention, sciatica, premenstrual nipple sensitivity, irritability, depression and headaches.

The Chinese endometriosis natural remedy suggests avoiding fear, anger and excessive emotions in general. Maintaining an even, free flow of moderate emotions is the same as maintaining an even, free flow of qi and blood. Just prior and during menstruation women should not allow themselves to become fatigued. Not dwell on negative thoughts or frustrations. Avoid eating cold and raw foods prior to or during their periods. Avoid sex during their period as this reverses the flow of qi and blood from down and out to up and in and tends to cause the formation of blood stasis.

Chinese medicine 's main therapy is herbal medicine. Herbs are an excellent endometriosis natural remedy. Over 5,000 medicinal substances are taken from plants, minerals and animal by-products. The ingredients are combined into formulas comprised of from eight to fifteen ingredients where they work synergistically. The most common way of ingestion the herbs is through a tea. However, pills, powders, liquid and dried extracts and syrups are also used. Herbs are free from side effects. Chinese doctors are constantly updating and modifying their patient's treatment in order to optimize results. Women with endometriosis generally require three to six months of intensive Chinese herbal therapy to achieve substantial amelioration in their condition.

These and other Traditional Chinese practices all form part of TCM, each adding a little to the history and methodology of Acupuncture and Herbs and their ability to help with Infertility.

Eca Brady is a fully licensed physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine BSc(Ac) MBAcC, focusing on Female Infertility with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs from Harley Street, London.

If you suffer from Endometriosis or are generally concerned about Infertility, make an appointment and we can discuss how Acupuncture and Herbs can help. To read more about Eca click here or to read more about TCM increasing your chances of fertility click here.

This article includes excerpts from an original article by Pacific College.

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