He Shou Wu and its 6 vital health benefits

Updated: Mar 6, 2018

As its the the start of the new western year, some of us may be thinking of how we may be able to introduce little changes to our diet or lifestyle to help our bodies recover from big nights out.

He Shou Wu may just be the little change some of us have been looking for...

This black-brown root tuber of the Polygonum multiflora vine is a traditional cure used to clear toxin build-up, reduce pain, improve sex drive, blood circulation and lower stress levels. It is often grouped with ginseng, lingzhi and cordyceps to form the “The Magic four” base herbs to provide and protect the body.

Six Benefits of He Shou Wu to consider...

1. Longevity

Several studies seem to confirm the claim that He Shou Wu stimulates the body to produce longevity-promoting substances. The most powerful substance it has been shown to stimulate is superoxide dismutase, the most potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger found in the human body.

2. Blood Tonifier

Tonification is a Traditional Chinese Medicine term which refers to the strengthening of a certain part or element of the body. He Shou Wu has been demonstrated to help strengthen the membranes of red blood cells and also promote their growth.

3. Hair Revitalizer

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, hair is the reflection of the state of a person’s blood, liver and kidney. Which is why many people believe He Shou Wu, with its power to increase blood circulation and stimulation of red blood cells, can help turn gray hair back to its original color.

4. Protection from Disease

An impressive amount of pharmacological studies show strong evidence for He Shou Wu’s treatment of various medical conditions and diseases such as liver injury, cancer, diabetes, alopecia, atherosclerosis, and even neurodegenerative diseases.

5. Improved Sex Drive

A 2014 study showed that He Shou Wu can increase testosterone secretion and sperm function. Low sperm count is becoming an increasingly bigger issue in the male population. Also, through improved blood circulation, erogenous zones experience a heightened sensitivity to sexual stimulation. Therefore, He Shou Wu can serve as an aphrodisiac.

6. Lowered Stress Levels

He Shou Wu is considered to be an “adaptogen”, which is an herb that works with your body to create balance and harmony, compared to “mimetic” herbs which replace or enhance a certain function.

Traditional Chinese Medicine also relates how He Shou Wu can stimulate our intuitive abilities, inspiring spiritual awareness, creativity, and heightened intuitive guidance. So it may just be the little help you have been looking for to start the new year.

These and other Traditional Chinese practices all form part of TCM, each adding a little to the history and methodology of Acupuncture and Herbs.

Eca Brady is a fully licensed physician of Chinese Medicine BSc(Ac) MBAcC PGDip(CHM), practicing from Harley Street, London. Make an appointment for an acupuncture treatment and we can discuss how we can help you, to read more about Eca click here


Excerpts from the Original article by Linda Miriam Aziz-Zadeh

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