Fairy food for your Christmas feast

Chinese yam's, also known as Shan Yao in Pinyin have long been used in traditional stir-fry, cooked over an open fire or even in a thick yam stew in winter, earning it the wonderful name of a “fairy food.”

Not only do they taste wonderful, but from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine they are credited with lots of health benefits as they are great at tonifying the kidney and spleen (lowering blood sugar, promoting longevity, soothing mood and regulating sleep). The kidney is the congenital origin and in charge of heredity and fertility while the spleen is the acquired foundation and responsible for digestion and absorption, which thus is the main source of the body’s nutrition.

To sum up, it benefits both the root of innate and acquired constitution, which is quite rare in dietary therapy, so next time the kids are asking what’s for Christmas dinner, why not try adding a “Fairy Food” to the table …..

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