Chinese Medicine and matters of the heart

Heartache and suffering are a growing issue for people of all ages, with depression being the most frequently managed health issue in many cultures. In Chinese philosophy, the shen is the spirit of our emotional state, the expression of the way we see ourselves. Just as seasons shift and change, in Chinese Medicine we believe that suffering can transform into beauty. Many cultures look at sadness and pain to see elements of hope and positivity.

Chinese Medicine views mental health in the same way as other pathologies in the body. Based on a system of pattern recognition, we see emotional suffering and stress as an adjunct to physical disharmony. It is unusual if they present independently to each other, and one does not outweigh the other in importance.  

If your brain chemistry is out of order, you have a short fuse or if you have tummy issues, it may make you feel sick. When the body is happy the mind will be content.

The spleen, which is largely responsible for digestion in Chinese Medicine, also plays a part in digesting our thoughts. If your spleen is not working properly, you may have symptoms including anxiety, excessive worrying or compulsive thinking. If your liver is not well, you may quickly become angry or feel depressed, all of which will show improvement with exercise, and laughter. It is generally accepted that the best way to heal emotional pain is to discuss the treat both the pain and the body. Emotional trauma if untreated can lead to a deeper sense of detachment and a reduced love of life.

Suppressing these issues and distracting ourselves from the pain when we feel it only makes things worse. We need to re-learn how to appreciate our suffering as a prompt to understand ourselves better, rather than constantly numbing ourselves when it arises. Very much like physical pain, the longer we leave it, the harder it can be to treat in the future. Working with you to understand your heart and body, is just one of the many ways Traditional Chinese Medicine is different but complimentary to Western Medicine.

Eca Brady is a fully licensed physician of Chinese Medicine BSc(Ac) MBAcC PGDip(CHM), practicing from Harley Street, London. Make an appointment for an acupuncture treatment and we can discuss how we can help you, to read more about Eca click here Excerpts from the original article by H Hayward.

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