Chinese Dietary Advice for Women with Menstrual Problems

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

Diet is a causal factor in premenstrual syndrome (PMS); women can alleviate many symptoms by changing their diets. Reducing or eliminating alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, salt, dairy products and animal fats may be beneficial. 

In the Chinese diet, including herbs, one looks not only for vitamins and minerals but also the energetic properties of food like energy, flavor and movement. Other less important aspects include the meridian entered and organic actions; these refer to specific internal organs or the meridians on which the foods can act. Foods just like herbs possess specific functions to tonify, cleanse and regulate the body. 

Certain foods can modulate the menstrual cycle in women. In order to have a smooth menstrual cycle, TCM always advises warm and cooked foods, and avoid too much food and drinks that are raw, frozen, not easily digested or spicy. Improper food causes the spleen and stomach to malfunction, and the source of blood and qi will be affected. Furthermore, excessive phlegm and dampness tend to accumulate inside the body. 

Understanding you and your body is just one of the many ways Traditional Chinese Medicine is different but complimentary to Western Medicine.

Eca Brady is a fully licensed physician of Chinese Medicine BSc(Ac) MBAcC PGDip(CHM), practicing from Harley Street, London. Make an appointment for an acupuncture treatment and we can discuss how we can help you, to read more about Eca click here

Excerpts from the original article in Shen Nong.

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