Can Chinese herbs help with Bleeding Gums?

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

Swollen and bleeding gums are the most commonly seen symptoms in dental and oral disorders, usually accompanied by a sharp toothache. Gingivitis, in children or adults can be a nightmare, especially with a throbbing pain that will keep you awake the whole night.

Home remedies, including apple cider vinegar and baking soda can sometimes bring temporary relief. In addition, herbal medicines is one of great optional natural solutions, which can be made by yourself at home or bought over the counter from drug stores.

TCM believes that teeth are the extensional part of bone, hosted by the kidney. Combined with the Stomach Channel of Foot Yang Ming passing through the upper gum and Large Intestine Channel of Hand Yang Ming through the lower gum, it is believed that an aching tooth is closely associated with kidney, stomach, and large intestine. And, there are a variety of causes for bleeding swollen gums, such as wind-fire invading teeth, stomach fire flaring gum, deficient kidney yin, cold and heat stimuli, and decayed tooth.

Rehmannia root is often used in conditions including fever, fluid exhaustion, consumptive diseases, bleedings, anemia, dizziness, palpitations, and menstrual disorders.

Rehmannia root is an important ingredient for clearing heat, cooling blood and stop bleeding.

According to TCM theory, infectious diseases are associated with external pathogens attacking the inner body(entering the nutrient and blood stages) individuals may have high fever, a red tongue, bleeding under the skin, or vomiting blood or nose bleeding. Rehmannia root can be used along with figwort root, peony root bark, red peony root and gardenia fruit in the remedies.

An overheated digestive track may lead to pass bloody stool, which can be treated with rehmannia root along with golden thread rhizome, garden burnet root, and pagoda tree flower. Bloody Urine may be due to damp-heat in the lower burner, which can be treated with rehmannia root combining with couch grass rhizome and field thistle herb.

Uterine Bleeding can also be a heat sign, in which rehmannia root can be used with baical skullcap root and cattail pollen. In addition, modern TCM often uses rehmannia root in the treatment of low blood platelet count.

Clear Heat and Inflammation Tea


Acute pain in gum and teeth due to inflammation and teeth muscle pain.  


Clear heat and cool blood, clear inflammation and detoxify, relieve acute pain.


  • Rehmannia Radix (sheng di)

  • Ophiopogonis Radix (mai men tung)

  • American Ginseng

  • Rhizoma Drynariae(gu sui bu)

  • Honey suckle(jin yin hu)

1.   Place all ingredients in a pot with 3 cups of water. Bring to boil and reduce heat to medium low and cook until one cup of water left.

2.   Strain and add a pinch of salt to the tea to serve.

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These articles are not intented to diagnose, treat or cure any conditions, excerpts from the Original article by Nourishu and the Art of Herbal Remedies.


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