Bloated after Christmas lunch

Having avoided the worst indulges of Christmas lunch, not taken the second helping of pudding and only had a few red wines, you still ended up feeling bloated. It hardly seems fair and charitable to feel this way.

Thankfully, Traditional Chinese Medicine has some insightful reasons as to why unsuspecting Christmas foods might be the culprit. Both spicy food, which is hot, and salad, which is cold, can make you feel bloated, but incorporating spices and herbs can help bring balance back to your body.

The great news is that even if the damage has already been done, you can quickly and simply use a herb blend to neutralize the problem. The key is knowing what to use, in Chinese medicine, a single herb doesn’t make a big difference because a tiny amount can get lost, but if you have a blend, it creates a stronger force.

Ginger is great for making you feel less bloated. If your Christmas lunch included having something cool like a kale salad, smoothie, or cold foods—one tip is to add ginger right into your meal to prevent bloating altogether. Since ginger is warming, it’s a good one to pair with other warming spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg.

Or, why not add hawthorn berries, known as Shan Zha in Chinese, or even Goji Berries and Juju Berries which are linked to helping the flow of blood. Anything that can help get the blood flowing more reduces bloating, which is why antioxidant-rich red berries are great for that.

Another tip, if you are feeling bloated at the end of lunch, give up the strong black coffee and try looking for tea blends with a combination of red berries, together they can help knock out that full feeling after one too many helpings at lunch.

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