8 Coins to 46 Billion Digital Red packets

According to legend a monster known as Sui appeared on New Year's Eve with the intent of harming children. A sleeping child who was touched by this monster would develop a fever and become very sick.

However it was said that when their parents prayed sincerely, God sent eight guards disguised as coins to protect them. So people threaded eight coins on red string and placed them under the children's pillows.  This became an annual custom and the monster Sui no longer came near.

As technology has developed it has allowed people to interact and share traditional Chinese New Year in different ways, the tradition of giving red packets has now gone digital.

The Chinese application Wechat is now one of the most widely-used social media in China. With a large number of users, the Wechat Red Envelope App has also become popular in recent years. During the Spring Festival, young people are inclined to send Wechat envelopes to each other as a way of greeting. It is fast and convenient way to stay in contact with friends.

What's more, people can also grab the cyber envelopes as they watch the live Chinese New Year TV Gala. They just shake phones ceaselessly to gain random amounts of money, sometimes people shake their phones to destruction only to gain a few cents...

These and other Traditional Chinese practices all form part of TCM, each adding a little to the history and methodology of Acupuncture and Herbs.

Eca Brady is a fully licensed physician of Chinese Medicine BSc(Ac) MBAcC PGDip(CHM), practicing from Harley Street, London. Make an appointment for an acupuncture treatment and we can discuss how we can help you, to read more about Eca click here.

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