Eca Brady TCM
Eca Brady TCM


I always felt relaxed during and after my treatment. Overall, an amazing experience. I highly recommend Eca. - Emma

As a pregnant diabetic woman, I frequently had doctors and nurses reminding me that I was high risk. I struggled with continuous episodes of hypoglycemia due to what I call a cookie-cutter medical approach, on top of mounds of stress related to work and home. But despite all the madness. Eca provided care and attention beyond my expectations.- Quiana Long

Eca  Brady

I was also hoping to get my anxiety under control before hopefully getting pregnant in the coming year, and Eca helped me prepare my body and mind to be in the healthiest state possible for conception. In addition to being an extremely talented physician, Eca is a warm, genuine and compassionate person that I feel very lucky to have found!-  A New Yorker

Get well and thrive with the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture and herbs that have been specifically tailored for today's lifestyle. 

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